Métis Family Services is delegated under the Child Family and Community Services Act (CFCSA) to provide child protection and family support services to Métis children and families living in the Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Ladner area; as well as, guardianship, adoption and resources services to Métis children and youth placed in foster homes in the greater Vancouver Region.

Mission Statement

Métis Family Services is committed to working collaboratively with Métis families and our community to increase their capacity to nurture and care for their children in a manner that supports family wellness and celebrates Métis history and cultural traditions. 

Métis Family Services is the service delivery agency of the Métis Community organization called
La Societe de les Enfants Michif.

Vision Statement

Métis Family Services is a non-profit society whose vision is “a world in which Métis children (all children) have the right to safety, family ties, culture, love, and acceptance.”

Core Values

Métis Family Services works in an inclusive, professional, culturally appropriate and trusting, environment. We strive for honesty openness and quality in everything we do, and treat our staff, clients and community with dignity and respect.

Goals and Objectives

The objective of this agency is in the most inclusive and professional manner possible to:

  • Provide direct support and services to Métis families struggling with challenges related to the safety and wellbeing of their children.
  • Provide direct support to foster families and adoptive families of Métis children who have been placed into care of the Director under the Child Family and Community Services Act.
  • Provide ongoing personal and culturally based support to Métis children and youth who have become involved in the child welfare system.
  • Provide cultural education, celebration and recreational activities to Métis children and their families, including Foster and Adoptive families
  • Promote the well-being of Métis children and families.
  • Create awareness within the public of the needs of Métis children while in care.
  • Liaise with agencies and organizations with interests similar to those of the Métis Family Services and the Métis Community.

Interests and Responsibilities:

Cultural Enhancement:

It has become widely accepted that government administration of child welfare in the province of British Columbia has not adequately addressed the uniqueness or met the needs of the Métis Community. It remains a fact that Métis children continue to be taken into care in disproportionate numbers.

All Métis Family Services programs are aimed to provide an opportunity for our community to discover who they are, where they come from and what their Métis roots are.

In order to provide an alternative and meet the unique needs of the community, Métis Family Services has utilized a cultural case practice based on a holistic and comprehensive approach to a service-delivery model and an ongoing assessment of familial needs designed to emphasize the family strengths while incorporating cultural traditions.

The cultural program is based on community interaction and family history where each individual must be assessed in the context of his or her own experience and identity while using the seven teachings: humility, honesty, truth, wisdom, love, respect and bravery.