Child Protection

The Intake and Family Service Teams are delegated under the Child, Family and Community Services Act (CFCSA) to review, assess and investigate reports of child abuse, neglect and exploitation, and provide supports to families to mitigate safety risks to Métis children.

Métis Family Services is responsible for child protection services for Métis children, youth and families for Delta, Surrey, South Surrey and White rock. This includes:

  • Providing services that will help in strengthening Métis children, youth and families.
  • Providing services to the parents or other who are responsible for the care of such children

The teams utilize the family’s strengths, natural supports and make referrals to community partners in order to overcome barriers to child safety.  The teams work collaboratively with community partners,  families and their networks  to keep children with their natural family  whenever possible.

The teams work with other services in our agency such as Rapid Response Program, Outreach Parenting Program and Traditional Parenting Program and Youth Program. Our social workers focus on prevention and keeping the family unit together whenever possible. The teams utilize less disruptive measures for keeping children connected to their families when there are child protection concerns.

For afterhours child protection reports, please call 604-660-8180.

  • The Youth Worker Program works to assist Youth who are betwen 16 - 19 year old, who are referred by the Ministry of Children and Family development (MCFD and Métis Family Services.
  • The youth worker at Métis Family Services and the Ministry of Children and Family development.  The role of the youth worker is to work with the youth to develop the life skills necessary to achieve independence upon their 19th birthday.
  • Values:  Empowerment, Courage, Strength, Self-Confidence, Beliefs, Honour, Humility, Love, Honesty, Self-Respect and Independence.