Resources Program

Currently Métis Family Services has more than a hundred foster homes. 

Focusing on Foster Parents and Caregivers for Aboriginal and Métis children, this program aims to:

  • Support caregivers who foster Métis and Aboriginal children in care.
  • Recruit and train new caregivers who want to open their homes for Aboriginal and Métis children.
  • Match Aboriginal and Métis children with approved resources to provide care and nurture children.
  • Provide cultural awareness and support planning with foster parents to best meet children’s cultural needs.
  • Support children being placed with family through Restricted Foster Care program.


Become a Foster Parent

Fostering means opening your home and heart to children that are temporarily unable to live with their families. Foster parents play an active role in supporting children and their families. Fostering requires patience, love, hard work as you are welcoming children in your home. Métis Family Services actively recruits new foster parents as there is a dire need for stable, safe homes for our children.

Fostering can be one of the most awarding experiences in an individual’s life. It is also demanding and presents many challenges. The Métis Family service resource team ensures that Métis foster parents are well supported through the process. Métis Family Services focuses on building relationships with their foster parents and ensuring that supports are available if needed.

Métis Family Services are actively looking for foster parents who are willing to learn about culture and participate in cultural activities. If you have questions or are simply inquiring to get more information about fostering, please contact Métis Family Services at 604-584-6621.