Resources for children, youth, and families

Métis Resources

All Métis Family Services programs are aimed to provide an opportunity for our community to discover who they are, where they come from, and what their Métis roots are.

Métis children, youth, families, and caregivers can find more information about the rich history of the Métis people in Canada, and the past and prsent cultural practices of Métis people by clicking the MFS website links below, or on the bar to the right of this page.

 Additional links to external websites with informaion on Métis culture are listed on the following page.

Additional information about being Métis, as well as how to apply for Citizenship can be found at the website of Métis Nation of British Columbia.

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Child & Family Services Resources

Links to online resources, and phone numbers for child and family service-related resources can be found by clicking the MFS website link below, or on the bar to the right of this page.

Past news articles can be accessed here: